October 29th is World Stroke Day! Did you know that one in four of us will have a stroke? The World Stroke Campaign is using this day to raise and spread awareness around stroke! 


What Is a Stroke?

The World Stroke Campaign states that when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off, stroke can happen. Stroke can ultimately result in brain cell damage, potentially resulting in death. Fortunately, there are signs you can watch for with regarding stroke. The World Stroke Campaign has created “FAST” to help people spot stroke quickly:

  • Face: Drooping to one side.
  • Arms: Weakness in one arm.
  • Speech: Garbled or slurred. 
  • Time: To call emergency services. 


What About Stroke Prevention? 

The World Stroke Campaign wants to cut stroke in half. Potentially prevent stroke by looking at some of the following risk factors: 

  • Diet: Choosing healthy options can help reduce your risk of stroke. A healthy diet can result in a healthy weight, along with lower blood pressure and cholesterol. 
  • Exercise: By getting the recommended amount of activity and exercise, you can reduce your overall risk of having a stroke. 
  • Smoking: Did you know that smoking can increase your risk of stroke? It is crucial not to smoke to reduce your overall risk of stroke. 


World Stroke Day 

The World Stroke Campaign created World Stroke Day to raise awareness around stroke, along with stroke prevention. Follow their steps for preventing stroke, along with using their hashtag, #DontBeTheOne. 


This World Stroke Day, #DontBeTheOne. For more information, check out the World Stroke Campaign and their video, “Don’t Be The One.” 



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