October is celebrated as National Physical Therapy Month! From pain management to recovering from different injuries, there are many benefits associated with physical therapy. The American Therapy Association is using October and National Physical Therapy Month to spread awareness around the impact of physical therapy. 


What is Physical Therapy? 

Physical therapy is used for pain management from chronic conditions or injuries, along with providing function and mobility to patients. With physical therapy, you might even be able to avoid prescription medication or surgeries if treated correctly. 


What Is a Physical Therapist? 

A Physical Therapist, or PT, provides their patients with tactics and tools for pain management from chronic conditions or injuries. According to The American Therapy Association, the following benefits of physical therapy are: 

  • Improved Function and Mobility 
  • Chronic Conditions and Pain Management 
  • Potentially Avoiding Surgery 
  • Reducing the Use of Prescription Drugs 
  • Recovering from Injury 
  • Preventing Future Injuries and Chronic Diseases 


This National Physical Therapy Month, make a choice to #ChoosePT



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