September is Healthy Aging Month! Healthy Aging Month is about encouraging healthy lifestyles that support change and growing older! Use this month to make big and small healthy lifestyle changes this Fall. Healthy Aging Magazine has tips to inspire change during Healthy Aging Month:


  • Find New Activities: Healthy Aging Month is about inspiring you to find new activities that you’ve always been wanting to try! Whether these activities include making music or taking painting classes, these are great for finding new sources of creativity and inspiration within your life!
  • Physicals & Screenings: Annual physicals and health screenings are an important part of aging. Use Healthy Aging Month to make appointments and stick with them.
  • Trying New Exercises: Older adults have a variety of new exercises they can try as they age! These include:
    • Cycling 
    • Pilates 
    • Swimming 
    • Yoga 
  • Start Walking: Not only is walking an amazing way to get some exercise, but it’s also a great way to spend your time outdoors! You can also bring along a furry friend to make the walk even more enjoyable while spending quality time!


Use Healthy Aging Month to promote a new healthy lifestyle, whether that be a new activity or diet that encourages and inspires a healthier life! Use #HealthyAgingMonth to show how you’re creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself!



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