July is UV Safety Awareness Month! Protection during Summer is essential! The American Cancer Society has created the “Be Safe in the Sun” initiative to spread awareness around UV safety!


What is Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation?

According to the American Cancer Society, “Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The main source of UV radiation (rays) is the sun, although it can also come from man-made sources such as tanning beds and welding torches.”


What is the main source of UV radiation? Sunlight. During the Spring and Summer seasons are when UV rays in sunlight are the strongest. It’s important to know that from 10 AM to 4 PM is also when UV rays in sunlight are the strongest. Always know that direct exposure to UV rays can result in skin cancer.


Action and Prevention 

Avoiding the sunlight entirely is not necessary for protecting yourself. The American Cancer Society has listed several ways you can protect yourself against UV radiation:


  • Seek shade: Avoid being outdoors in direct sunlight too long.
  • Protect Your Skin with Clothing: Wear clothing to cover your skin, with different levels of UV protection.
  • Use Sunscreen: Sunscreen can protect your skin from UV rays in sunlight.¬†
  • Wear a Hat: A hat with at least a 2 to 3-inch brim all around is ideal because it protects areas that are exposed to intense sunlight.
  • Wear Sunglasses That Block UV Rays: UV-blocking sunglasses are important for protecting the delicate skin around the eyes and the eyes themselves.


You can test your Sun Safety knowledge with this quiz! 

For more tips during UV Safety Awareness Month, visit the American Cancer Society, and use #UVSafetyAwarenessMonth to spread awareness!



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