It’s National Mental Health Month! Your mind is intricate and infinitely unique, so your mental health is something only you know. All over America, people are learning more about their minds and the depth behind caring for it. In today’s world, it’s very easy to overwhelm ourselves and cause unnecessary stress on the body and mind. But, there are many ways to support and improve your mental health, and Mental Health America (MHA) has provided an excellent source to discover more about your mind. Click here to visit their website, or continue reading to find out more.


4 Mind 4 Body

Caring for the mind cares for the body, and this is why MHA has decided to continue with this theme from last May, “4mind4body.” There are many different methods for enhancing and  helping your mental health:


  1. Animal Companionship: Support animals are known to be very beneficial for people with mental illnesses, and over 70% of Americans have a pet in their home.
  2. Spirituality and Religion: From meditation to prayer, having some support for your soul will aid your mental health immensely.
  3. Humor: Laughing it off means more than saving yourself from embarrassment, as finding the humor and joy in aspects of your life can lift your mood and increase your mental health too.
  4. Work-life Balance: Balancing between your work and home life is key to improving your health, mentally and physically. 
  5. Social Connections and Recreation: Creating friendships with people experiencing similar things in their life and enjoying the activities and events you participate in can not only make you happier, but it can also help your mind as well.


To explore any of these methods, visit the MHA website. Remember, your health is more than just your body; your mind and emotions are just as important. Support those with mental illnesses this month by posting with this hashtag, #4mind4body, and spread the word about Mental Health Month today!



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