The first week in November (the 1st- 7th) is known as National Medical-Surgical Nurses Week. This week focuses on the nurses in the medical-surgical field and raises awareness of just how important these nurses are. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, (AMSN), presents several different ideas to celebrate and acknowledge the work these nurses perform and you can find them here. Make sure to thank those in the medical-surgical field today!


What is a Medical-Surgical Nurse?


The medical-surgical field is usually the basis of nursing practice, which means most nurses have worked in that field before changing to a different practice of nursing. It is the foundation of nursingĀ and has become a unique and special science. It requires extensive knowledge of many aspects of medical and surgical professions, which calls for a wide range of skills and intelligence. Medical-Surgical Nurses affect the career of nursing and the people around them in several ways, such as by:


  • Supporting incoming, novice nurses
  • Studying and writing about the practice to inform and inspire others
  • Helping the community by the research they conduct


You can find more examples at the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board website.

These nurses truly work hard to understand and obtain all the information they can which makes sure their work is exceptional and done correctly. They deserve much gratitude and respect, so remember to thank them, no matter the time of year!




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