Happy Thanksgiving! This day is a day of family and giving thanks and also a time to talk about family health history. Knowing you’re family history is important as it could lead to the prevention of an illness or disease your family might have passed down to you. This holiday, don’t forget to ask your relatives about your family health history.


Having a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving


Talking about your family health history can make a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, so make sure to speak with these relatives this holiday:

  • Blood-related aunts and uncles
  • Cousins
  • Children 
  • Nieces and nephews
  • Parents 
  • Grandchildren
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents and great-grandparents


Healthline’s article about family health history also includes more information, like what questions should be asked, who should not be asked, and what genetic conditions and illnesses might have been passed down.


By talking about health history, you can make sure your holiday is healthy and happy! 



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