In honor of Healthcare Volunteer Appreciation week, we wanted to share the stories of our Continuum Care Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Peters, and two of our dedicated volunteers, Rose and Brenda. Volunteers are a vital part of our hospice team. They share their talents in ways that offer support to the staff and patients including office assistance, friendly visits, pet therapy and music therapy. Volunteer outreach is personally rewarding and helps enhance the quality of life for hospice patients.
Thank you to ALL of our volunteers for their dedication and commitment to those we serve. Happy Healthcare Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Rose is one of our office volunteers. Rose lives in Olmsted Falls and loves crafting. Her current craft project is a burlap wreath that she found on Pinterest. Prior to retiring, Rose worked at Polaris Career Center in the office.
What made you want to volunteer?
I became widowed. I was by myself. I wanted to do something positive with my life.
Tell us about your volunteer work with Continuum Care Hospice.
I found this volunteer opportunity online and have been volunteering since October. I do whatever I can, but usually office work.
Do you volunteer anywhere else?
I am also volunteering at Berea’s Grindstone Elementary for kindergarten classes and Olmsted Falls schools for kindergarten and pre-k. At Berea’s Grindstone, I mostly do crafts with the kindergartners. At Olmsted Falls, I work with the speech teacher.
What do you like the most about what you do?
I like to be productive. I could hang around home and sleep all day if I wanted but that’s definitely not what I want to do!
What is your advice for someone looking to volunteer?
It’s not always easy. You just have to find something that fits.

Brenda lives in North Olmsted with her husband and her mother who is now living with them. She has been a Continuum Care Hospice volunteer for almost a year and a half. Prior to retiring, she worked with computers and debt processing. In her free time, she enjoys traveling. Her favorite vacation spot is Hawaii. She began volunteering because of her desire to stay busy in retirement.
Tell us about your volunteer work with Continuum Care Hospice.
I used the website VolunteerMatch to find Continuum Care Hospice. In a typical day, I do anything needed in the office.
Do you volunteer anywhere else?
Currently I’m volunteering at St Augustine Hunger Center, Villa Mercedes and All Faiths Pantry.
How long have you been volunteering in general?
All my life really, but I have been volunteering full time for the last 3 years. I really enjoy the satisfaction of doing good things and the people I get to meet.
What is your advice for someone looking to volunteer?
My advice would be that if you say you’re going to volunteer, make sure you show up. Don’t say “yeah I’ll do that and help out” and just not come. It can really put an organization in a bind.

Meet Susan Peters, Continuum Care Hospice Volunteer Coordinator
Susan, how did you become a volunteer coordinator?
I would have to say it was a natural progression. Many of the positions I’ve held involved working with volunteers and I enjoyed the interaction. Additionally, I volunteer in many ways in my community; through Rotary, my church, and other organizations. An opportunity arose and I started a career in volunteer management in hospice care. I found that out of all the different positions I have had, the one thing that was lacking was the feeling that I was making a difference. With Continuum Care Hospice I know the volunteers make a difference in the lives of the patients they serve or contribute their skills to make a smooth running office. I have met some of the most amazing people in my work. The generosity of volunteers willing to give of their time and talents affords me the opportunity to spread kindness and feel that I have done some good in the world. You know you are in the right field when you look forward to work each day, I love what I do.
What are the different volunteer options available at Continuum Care Hospice?
For Continuum Care Hospice you can either volunteer with direct patient contact or in an office or administrative setting. Our volunteers choose their assignments and customize their volunteer experience. If you’re volunteering with direct patient contact, you can provide friendly visits for patients that are lonely and possibly don’t have anyone to visit with them. You can also provide respite, so the caregiver can get a break. Some of our volunteers play music for or read to patients. They’ll play bingo, cards or checkers. Some are simply there in a setting where they are just hand holding. They’re providing companionship and comfort so the patient knows they’re not alone. No matter the role in which they serve, many of our volunteers tell me they feel they are on the receiving end by what they gain from the experience. We are so very grateful for all our volunteers do, and for who they are.
If someone is interested in volunteering at Continuum Care Hospice, what should they do?
They should call me, Susan Peters, at 216-898-8444 or they can email me at


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