Continuum Care Hospice, an affiliate of Legacy Health Services, aims to provide comprehensive, coordinated care for persons with life-limiting illnesses, so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Deb Pinkerton, Director of Continuum Care Hospice, to dive deeper into the services, opportunities, and care that Continuum Care provides.

How does Continuum Care Hospice differ from other hospice programs?

Because Continuum Care is an affiliate of Legacy Health Services, we are very well versed in facility processes, expectations and care plans. Our staff develops a strong working relationship with the staff at each facility, allowing for quality care and good communication.  Our collaboration with facilities also gives our staff a unique perspective on treating individuals with multiple complex medical issues.

How does Continuum work with families of patients during the transition into hospice?

The Continuum Care team will have an initial information meeting with the family of the hospice patient. During this time, the family learns about the disease process and what to expect while their loved one is under hospice care. Our staff shares many printed resources about hospice goals and our services. The family is also given information about the care team, including nurses, aides and social workers, who are available throughout a person’s time with Continuum Care.

Discuss the various hospice volunteer opportunities. What are they? How can people get involved?

There are many volunteer opportunities available with Continuum Care Hospice.  People can volunteer to work directly with our patients or in our office depending on their comfort levels.   Our volunteers include patient visitors, office and administrative volunteers, pet therapy, aroma and massage therapy, music volunteers, bereavement volunteers, and seamstresses for memory bears.  Anyone interested in volunteering can call our office at 216-898-8444 and ask for the volunteer coordinator, or apply online at

How have you seen hospice volunteers benefitting patients and their families?

Many of our volunteers provide companionship for residents at times when their loved ones are not available. Families feel more comfortable knowing someone is with their loved one, whether visiting or just sitting as a quite companion. The psychological benefits that volunteers provide with their services make a huge difference in the lives of patients and their families. Volunteers can also continue to help support families emotionally after losing a loved one.

Is there any additional information you think is important for people to know about hospice care?

People always say that they wish they would’ve chosen hospice care sooner. Hospice is better received earlier so hospice caregivers can develop relationships with the patient and family.  This allows each patient the ability to be involved in the creation of his or her own goals and care plan.


For more information about Continuum Care Hospice visit or call 216-898-8444.

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